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Andrew Grainger is a British/American composer and pianist, living and working in Austin, Texas.

As a composer, Andrew writes concert music in a variety of styles and genres. He holds a Masters Degree in Composition from Kingston University in London and a Bachelors Degree in Music with a piano performance major. His compositions include symphonic, choral and chamber music, much of which you can discover and listen to on this site.
Latest Recordings from Budapest are here! - just scroll down...

The Music page features a number of orchestral and chamber music compositions. The Piano page features several solo piano recordings of some of my favorite piano repertoire by Haydn, Beethoven and Chopin.

Current Project - Adelina the Jester - Chamber Oratorio

I'm very excited to announce my latest project - a Chamber Oratorio Commission titled: Adelina the Jester. This Oratorio will feature singers from the wonderful Inversion Ensemble Texas, four soloists with accompanying dancers and a small ensemble consisting of Lute, Harp, Recorder, Percussion and Chamber Organ. Please visit the Adelina the Jester site for more information about this project.

Budapest Recordings

Here are the first mixes from the Budapest Recording Sessions from June, 2023.
Symphonic Dance No.1 - 5'44"
Suite from my Ballet: Cupid & Psyche - 17'11"

Video of these performances is in post-production and will arrive in a few weeks.

  1. Symphonic Dance No.1
  2. Ballet Suite from Cupid & Psyche

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Budapest - Orchestral Recording Session Details

In June, 2023, I directed a four hour recording session in Budapest with some of the finest orchestral musicians from that city. I recorded a Suite from my Ballet 'Cupid and Psyche' and my Symphonic Dance No. 1. The recordings are in the player above. Below is a photo of me conducting part of the session - almost 80 musicians including my wife, Annette, in the cello section.

This iconic recording studio in central Budapest was built in 1951 and initiated by Zoltán Kodály - Originally owned by the Hungarian state record label "Hungaroton", the studio hosted some of the most significant recordings in Europe. All the big composers and musicians recorded at the Rottenbiller studio, which is known as the "Abbey Road" of Budapest: BudapestScoring

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